Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Trying is so overrated

Ever had one of those days where you just feel like everything you do is just not good enough for anyone?

When I moved over to my current store it was so that I could help them out, and be their lead tech. Now I know I'm not the loudest, do-what-I-say-or-you're-written-up-type but I'd like to think that I had some kind of impact (apparently I was mistaken to think that). What exactly do you do when you ask people do things, and they say that's not my job? I'm sorry but no write up would have done any good. I still try my hardest (or I did. Now I don't really care since they decided to replace me) to get people to do what they are suppose to, but I'm on the losing side of that battle. So here's the deal on why I've pretty much just given up. Why try when everything you do is criticized and you're not thanked for what you do accomplish.

So back in November our pharmacist in charge left and went to another pharmacy and they brought in one who only worked a few days a week.I'm talking less then 30 hours. (First stupid mistake on their part) A pharmacist in charge should care about their store and want it to look good. Things really did start to go down hill when our old PIC left. Stuff got stacked high, things didn't get done. Stuff that I was suppose to do I couldn't do because we didn't have the help we needed. Did our supervisors ever once send people over to help? NO! We had to suffer through 5 months of pure hell. Now she came back the beginning of April and guess what started to happen? They finally decided that yeah maybe we do need the extra help to get things in order. So why the fuck did it take them this long to realize that? Anyways, some more of why I'm a little pissed off and to the point where I'm not trying to help and over do my self. I'll go to work do what I can, but no more putting for that extra effort. So now they're bringing in a new chick to take my spot, and see if she can't turn things around. She's doing things that had I had the help that we now have (and they just gave us) I could have done. I'm not some stupid tech who doesn't know. I've been doing these things for 5 years. What gets me is that since our pharmacist came back she's over here saying it only took me a month to get things back in order or close to it. Yeah it did because we now have help. Oh, and you technically didn't do things right. Bunching up all the scripts in the same month and filing them isn't really gonna work when we need to find a script but can't because you didn't take the time to file right. Also what about that extra 8 hours I came in on MY SATURDAY OFF and helped with stuff (off the clock...no pay) was I just a ghost or something?

I don't know maybe I'm being to sensitive about it, or what not. I'm just freakin irritated about this whole mess. I thought I could just shrug it off, and not worry about it because it's someone elses problem now. I was at work today and I think it got to me. I had to go to the bathroom and cry because thats how upset I was, and my anxiety was acting up. So yeah that is all.