Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Phone calls, books,

 I'll admit I'm not much of a phone person, and by that I mean I usually don't talk on the phone. The only exceptions to this rule are my mom (because she likes to call me), my brother, (not very often), and my grandma. When I get those un-expected calls from people, I love it. It's funny how we can talk for an hour or more just about our sites and books and things in general. It's nice to know that there are people out there who share that same passion (and maybe obsessive-ness) as you do about things.

I can honestly say I would never be able to spend an hour or so talking to other friends that live near me about books, publishers, our blogs, or other social media that we as book bloggers use to connect to each other. I've only actually talked to one other blogger on the phone. (although we text alot) It's nice though, and if I could I would probably with others as well.

That's all I just thought I'd share that.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Movie Review: Paranormal Activity 3

Christopher B. Landon
, Oren Peli (characters)

Chloe Csengery
, Jessica Tyler Brown and Christopher Nicholas Smith

In 1988, young sisters Katie and Kristi befriend an invisible entity who resides in their home.

Wow, this was bad. I don't usually say that about movies, books or anything. This actually was bad though. I guess it's a good thing I didn't actually have to pay for it. (Thanks Aubrey.) I've watched every one of the PA movies that have come out, and the first one was probably the best of them. This one sucked. There was one part during the whole hour and a half that literally made the entire theatre jump out of the seats. That's it. What I don't get is why the heck are they going backwards with the movies. The first started off with the girls as adults, who in this one are kids. Whatever.

TOne thing that was different about this was the rotating fan from the kitchen to the living room. It had potential to bring some scary moments to the movie when it went back and forth, but it never did. #fail on their part

I would recommend just waiting for it to come out on DVD, and rent it from Redbox for 1.00 because that's pretty much all it's worth.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rangers are World Series Bound...

Tonight the Rangers are World Series bound for the second year in a row. Last year they ended up losing to the SF Pirates (I think) Hopefully, they can go ALL the WAY this year! They beat the Detroit Tigers with a 15 to 5 score tonight. WAY to go boys! I get a little camera happy so even though I was at home watching the game I still took pictures of the celebration. I'm a dork I know.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Review: Abduction

John Singleton

Nathan, a teen, along with his friend, Karen finds a website that has photos of children who are missing or believed to have been abducted. They decide to age one of the photos and discover that is of Nathan as a child. He contacts the person who placed the photo to find out what's going on. The person on the other end only wants to know info about Nathan so Nathan hangs up. The person then contacts someone in Europe and shows him a photo of the one who called. He then heads for the U.S. Nathan then wonders is it true, was he abducted. He tells his "mom" who then tells him she and his "father" will tell him. But before they can, two men claiming to be cops show up wanting to talk to Nathan, and when he isn't found they pull guns and demand Nathan be given to them. His parents fight them but are killed. Nathan runs but remembers that he asked Karen to come over...

What to say...what to say. I'm going to be straight here. I actually just wanted to see this because I've read some really bad reviews of it, and I wanted to have my own take on it. I'm not overly in love with Taylor Lautner. I think he did a good job in the twilight movies, and as a lead character in this movie he was alright as well. I'm not going to jump and down and say it was awesome because it wasn't really. It also was not horrible like some said it was. It had me engaged in Nathan's story. We find out things about him as he found them out so it was all good there. I'll admit it was a little slow getting started, and in the beginning it was more of a romance-y type feel. Nathan watching Karen and vice versa. I think they could have left out the romance part. I didn't really see where there was a need for it. I was not happy with Lily Collins acting either. It was eh. Which sucks because she's playing Clary, the main character in the upcoming Mortal Instruments Movies. (I can't see her as Clary)

The action scenes were pretty good, and I enjoyed some of the veterans that were in it. I usually am horrible at recognizing actors from other tv shows I watch, but the FBI guy was someone I recognize from another cop show.

Question: I read someone else asked the same thing, but why call the movie Abduction when technically nobody was abducted.

Anyways, I'm not much of a reviewer on movies, but that's my take.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Music: all

I have very few things in life that I actually love. (None at this moment are people) What are they? Reading, books, movies, my cat (when she's not irritating) and music. I use to go crazy buying older cds from groups I listened to back in middle and high school, but I've recently stopped. (I blame the books) I do however, have quite a collection of cd's before I stopped. I'm very proud of them even though they're stuck in bags and not out. (my room is to small). This section isn't to much of reviews on the cds or music. it's more of a what I feel for the music at that time section.

I'll post songs I enjoy, and have some kind of meaning to me. You get the idea?

Lighters by Eminem ft Bruno Mars and Royce Da 5'9

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Movie Reviews: All

Besides reading and buying books another one of my other favorite things to do is movie watching whether it's at home in the comfort of my bed, or out in the theatre with my friends. Here are some of the ones I've seen (old or new) These are only my opinions of the movie, and therefore should only be taken lightly. I'm in no way a movie critic or whatever. :)

The Sitter (2011)
Breaking Dawn Pt 1(2011) (review coming soon)
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas (2011)
Paranormal Activity 3 (2011)
Abduction (2011)
Dolphin Tale (2011)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Movie Review: Dolphin Tale

Movie: Dolphin Tale
Release Date: September 23, 2011
Type: Drama, Family
Rated: PG
Director:Charles Martin Smith
Writers:Karen Janszen, Noam Dromi
A lonely and friendless boy finds and untangles a hurt dolphin that is caught in a crab trap. He becomes very attached to the dolphin when the tail must be taken off to save the dolphin's life. The boy believes the dolphin would be able to swim normally if it was given a prosthetic tail.

I went and saw this the other night with my friend, and I have to say it was an adorable movie. Not many movies make me want to cry, but ones with animals always tend to have that affect on me especially if the animal is hurt, or something is going to happen. (Marley and me, The fox and the hound) I felt so bad for winter, and everytime they went to try a tail on her, and it didn't work I was sad. I think what makes this worse is that it's based on a true story (See Winter Website). These kinds of movies always make me want to try and help those that can't help themselves.

I enjoyed some of the actors while others were kinda eh to me. The little girl who played Hazel while she was cute and all. The parts where she had to be upset just didn't seem real to me. Sorry I'm not trying to be mean. I always love watching Morgan Freeman play in  movies.