Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Review: Abduction

John Singleton

Nathan, a teen, along with his friend, Karen finds a website that has photos of children who are missing or believed to have been abducted. They decide to age one of the photos and discover that is of Nathan as a child. He contacts the person who placed the photo to find out what's going on. The person on the other end only wants to know info about Nathan so Nathan hangs up. The person then contacts someone in Europe and shows him a photo of the one who called. He then heads for the U.S. Nathan then wonders is it true, was he abducted. He tells his "mom" who then tells him she and his "father" will tell him. But before they can, two men claiming to be cops show up wanting to talk to Nathan, and when he isn't found they pull guns and demand Nathan be given to them. His parents fight them but are killed. Nathan runs but remembers that he asked Karen to come over...

What to say...what to say. I'm going to be straight here. I actually just wanted to see this because I've read some really bad reviews of it, and I wanted to have my own take on it. I'm not overly in love with Taylor Lautner. I think he did a good job in the twilight movies, and as a lead character in this movie he was alright as well. I'm not going to jump and down and say it was awesome because it wasn't really. It also was not horrible like some said it was. It had me engaged in Nathan's story. We find out things about him as he found them out so it was all good there. I'll admit it was a little slow getting started, and in the beginning it was more of a romance-y type feel. Nathan watching Karen and vice versa. I think they could have left out the romance part. I didn't really see where there was a need for it. I was not happy with Lily Collins acting either. It was eh. Which sucks because she's playing Clary, the main character in the upcoming Mortal Instruments Movies. (I can't see her as Clary)

The action scenes were pretty good, and I enjoyed some of the veterans that were in it. I usually am horrible at recognizing actors from other tv shows I watch, but the FBI guy was someone I recognize from another cop show.

Question: I read someone else asked the same thing, but why call the movie Abduction when technically nobody was abducted.

Anyways, I'm not much of a reviewer on movies, but that's my take.

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