Saturday, October 2, 2010

I now know

Ok so I have been in freakin pain with my sides and stomach since the beginning of August. Yeah I know long time with pain huh? So first of all I hate doctors I don't care what kind they are I hate going to them (I don't actually hate them personally) just the offices and all the other hooplah. So I'm like ok I'll just deal with the pain. It finally got to the point I was like well I might as well go and see what's wrong with me. That was like the second week in August. He just thought it was a some kind of infection I guess and cramps. Well a month passed and needless to say it still hurt (I'm not a very good person when it comes to taking meds like I should) So I went back the end of Septemeber because it seemed to have gotten worse. I don't mean to sound gross here but I then had to go to the bathroom alot and whatever so I ended up going into see if it was a diffrent kind of infection and nothing so he told me to set up an appointmen t with some place that's suppose to I guess do a colonoscopy or whatever and that was set for next week actually and then he tell me what the hell is going on. Well let's just say I don't think I'll be needing that because today at work I literally broke down in tears. This shit hurt like hell I got off at about 545 and went over my moms crying to her. She's like ok let's go to the E.R. So we went. They gave me some pain medicine and then they took me to get a cat scan. Fun stuff! Then sent me back to my room, and there I waited to find out what the hell was wrong. Ready for it......a kidney stone...yeah you saw right a freakin' kidney stone. Then they tell me it'll have to come out on it's own. Well now I know. I guess it's better then not knowing.

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