Friday, October 8, 2010

Not any better..

Yeah so remember how I said I hoped today would be better. Yeah, it wasn't I would like to work with people actually capable of doing more than just one thing at a time.  Perhaps telling a customer will be right with you while your doing something else. I don't know I just get so pissed at my co-workers sometimes I guess it doesn't really help though.  They only do the best they can.

So my pups bloodwork came back ok today, which means nothing really caused the seizures.  So the vet diagnosed him as being epileptic (sp). Now he'll be on meds. :(

In better news I'm totally off this weekend so I will be reading if I can, writing (ha my partner in crime told me I had to finish chpt 2 soon) and I'll probably also be doing laundry and helping my brother at his work (I'm such a nice sister I  don't even get paid for it), and that's about it. So I may or may not be writing for a few days. Who knows...

Happy Reading and blogging :)
Ash (AngelicNytmare)

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