Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm a nerd!

Ok so I offically have and addiction. Books! That's right I would have never guessed that the one thing that I would enjoy spending money on and buying would be books. I never really liked them to be honest while I was growing up. I had to read ones for reports and stuff, but that was pretty much the extent of my reading. I know shame on me. I think the first ones that I really actually enjoyed reading and wanted to finish were the Harry Potter books. I didn't actually start the series until like two or 3 of them had been written and then I borrowed those from my cousin to get caught up. Then after that I went online to some of the book clubs and signed up and ordered some and if I found any that looked remotely interesting to me at Goodwill or somewhere I would get them thus starting my book collection. At that time I mainly just just got Mary Higgins Clark books or books that were mystery/murder like. I did however end up getting the book "The Deep End of the Ocean' and reading that through because a friend told me about it. I was sad for the family in it. Enough about that though I'll write what I thought of the books I've read later on sometime. After that I think I read "Daddy's little girl" and a few others and then I got caught up in the "Twilight Phenom" and read pretty much all those in a course of a couple of months if that. After I had finished those I was like you know this is actually quite relaxing to just sit curled up in a bed or relaxing in the bathtub and reading. Letting your mind wander off into someone elses world to just be free of the "real world" few awhile. After the twilights I found the House of Night series and my Vampire Academy books and I fell in love with them and they still are my fave. Although there are others that run a very tight race with them I just don't think anything to me can compare with them. (more on why I like them some other time) Now I'm a sucker for books. I like the fantasy type books too. Sitting here on the bed  looking up books and their authors. I'm a total nerd I'll sit here and write them down in my little notebook that way I know what to look for, or if I go to half price books, walmart or target I'll look over in the book departments and read the backs or flaps to see what they're about. See told you nerd. Anyways, that is my addiction it's like I tell my mom though I could be spending that money on something much worse soI guess I should be thankful.

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