Thursday, October 7, 2010

A New Day Please!

Ok so you know how people say tomorrow will be a better day. Yeah, I'm going to have to disagree there because my day today wasn't any better than yesterdays day. Understand? I don't know why yesterday was crappy for me, but it was then again the week has been. I'm thinking maybe going back on my "happy pills" would probably help me.

Ok so customers I'm sorry, but truth be told you're not always right. Showing us a little compassion, or I don't know a little common courteous would really be nice to. If you see that we're trying to help you tell whoever is on the phone just a sec while I check out. I personally don't want to hear your life story or anything else you have to tell your friend. I'm more interested in helping you get what you need and taking care of you then listening to you stand there and talk when you can do that in the car away from me and all my other customers who by the way would like to be helped quickly too.  Also don't come back through my drive thru still on your phone ignoring me while I'm trying to again help you get your meds and be on your way. I really don't talk to hear myself talk. Don't sit there and ask me huh? What? When it's so obvious you weren't listening to begin with. Can you tell I have a low tolerance for talking in lines? I'm not saying I don't do it I always make the person on the other end of line wait until I'm through checking out and away from the lines. Yes, all this because of one person.

That my friends was my day yesterday, and if I thought today was going to be better I was horribly wrong on so many accounts. First of all, it started late late last night. My poor Toby (dog) was having a seizure at like 2 am, and I thought ok I can't really do anything and they usually last a few seconds well he did stop, but come 7am he was shaking on my bed. So I layed him on the ground so he wouldn't fall off and he pretty much was tightened and tensed up until my mom and I took him to the vet which was about 12 or so. I swear to god I was freakin' bawling my eyes out. I felt so bad for him because the was nothing I could do, and so the vet looked over him and kept him there til they closed.  They ran some blood work on him to see if something underlying was causing the seizures.  I'll know that tomorrow. I just hope it's nothing to serious.  I know his just an animal but he's so much more to me than that. I <3 U Toby!

So here's to hoping that tomorrow will be better. *fingers crossed*

Happy Reading and Blogging

Ash (AN)

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