Friday, September 23, 2011

I scream, You Scream, and I scream at you

Have you ever had one of those one of those weeks where you feel like you do everything, and yet somehow that's not enough for people? I admit I have days where I probably don't do as much as I should at work, but at least I show up right? I get very, VERY irritated when people call in. I'm sorry that's me, and I have a very low tolerance for that kind of crap. I know people can't help if they get sick. The lady did come in for a few hours. I applaud her on that, but left a little while later. You're sick okay...whatever. It just puts us in a very bad spot. What can you do though?

So let's take Wed for example: A Coworker was suppose to be at work at 3 they called at 330 saying that they couldn't make it because their car was in the shop. First problem- He called 30 minutes after he was suppose to be there. Second- We already had one person out, and we were busier then hell. Third-  FIND SOMEBODY TO BRING YOU! My Pharmacist was on the phone with him, and when I heard him talking about how somebody was calling in I turned around and straight up said he's not calling in tell him to find a ride. We're already short-handed  he's not gonna do it. FIND A RIDE! Before you all think oh she's being a bitch (which I might have been. I had been then there since 8 that morning, no break, hungry, head hurting, and no one helping me. Not to mention our DM was there and had one of our techs with him talking about stuff that could have waited til oh say we weren't busy. That's another story for in a minute.) Technically, I'm above them so yeah I kind of have a right to say that. He did eventually get there. I appreciate that, and I told him. So on to my DM guy. He gets to our store, and right away pulls one of our techs over to go over stuff that at that point in time could have waited. I'm sorry, but when it was just me and her (and another lady that doesn't do to much) trying to fill scripts, type scripts, get waiters out, ring people up who were in the store and in drive-thru, answer the never ending phone calls. I don't really have patience for you taking the one person that was  helping me do all the above, and talk to her for a good 2 hours on crap that didn't matter right then and there. Let me see...let's help the sick customers who want to get home quick because they feel like crap (I know I did and I wasn't sick), or let's talk about paperwork that can be looked at any time when we're not slammed. Oh, I was pissed. Pissed off me is not a nice me and then I snap at people who don't deserve it. with all that said and done yesterday I still ended up staying almost an hour after I was suppose to leave. Don't tell me I'm a bad worker.

I got home and I just wanted to lock myself in my room and scream.

Then I wake up today, and automatically I'm in a mood for reasons I haven't any clue about. I go over my moms crying because mom's can help cheer you up a little. I was pretty much like that all day long.

This whole week for me has been a complete and total "I want everyone to just go to hell" week. I've been moody, grumpy, weepy, sad, depressed, and probably so many other terrible feelings. Sounds like I just described Ashley Owens and her Dwarfs. :0) I'm beginning to think maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come off my medicine. Stopping cold turkey is not a good idea people, and I think it's just now getting to me.

So maybe Friday will be a better day? Doesn't hurt to try and be optimistic.

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