Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I stepped out of my bubble.

That's right you guys I have finally taken that step. If you know anything about me then you know, I like to be comfortable. In order for that to happen I tend to stay inside this bubble where I'm safe, and I know that the only things that can hurt me are the things that are already in it with me. Does that make sense? If I get hurt it's because of close friends or family. Other then them I'm pretty much a closed book.

A little history lesson about me feels like it's in order for me to explain what I'm talking about. I've never been one to be outgoing or what do they call them extroverts. I've always enjoyed staying home, being in my home, doing my own thing and not having to worry about what other people think. I've always been that shy, wanting to please everyone, not cause problems sort of person. I always had trouble making friends, and just being outgoing. in elementary, middle and high school I always had those few close friends (although they were different friends in each school) still I never had an overwhelming amount. I didn't participate in any clubs or sports because I had what a doctor called social anxiety, and to this day 8 years later (after high school) I still have it I think. There's a lot of things I could get into right here, but I'll just say that if I go out it's usually with a few friends I've known forever, or a group of people. I mean once I know you awhile then yes I'm fine, and we're cool. It's those first few times together that are a little awkward for me so I've just kept away from it. This time though it was different just me and someone else (who I've known for a year or two maybe) and besides work we've never much talked or gone out. So when I was asked to it really shocked the hell out of me. I decided that maybe it was time for that move, take a step in a direction I'm not use to. So I said yes. We went to eat and then to see a movie, and believe it or not I had fun.

That's pretty much all I have to say. :)

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