Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Our family gathering at Christmas when I was much younger.
The top right picture I'm the one by my brother.
These are all different years, but the bottom right is from '94.

Some more Christmas gatherings.
The top right I'm the one in the blue shirt.

This Christmas had to be one of the better ones I've had in a long time, and for me to say that it's true. I can't really think of the last Christmas I had that I actually enjoyed. I'm guessing it was one where my family was actually together (mom, dad, my brother and I) in the same house. The house totally decorated, tree, lights, presents under the tree, and we would sit down Christmas Eve open one present  and enjoy the time we had. Then we'd go to sleep, and "Santa" would bring us other gifts, our stockings would be filled, and we'd wake up earlier then normal and just dive in. Those are the Christmas' I remember the most. 

For the past 13 years though it hasn't really matter all that much to me. I mean why should it, a broken family isn't something to celebrate, and each year it just reminded me that my family wouldn't be the same. I know that sounds really shallow, and that's not what Christmas is about. Family was one thing I could count on, and when that got messed up I felt I had nothing. Yes, I was a depressed child.

Okay, maybe I've had a few somewhat decent Christmas' in that time frame, but it wasn't the same. Most Christmas' I've spent with my friends. (I'm not complaining though. If it weren't for Aubrey they really would have sucked.) 

So why was this Christmas different?
Easy! I got to spend it with someone special. :) I honestly just thought okay, I'll just meet his family Sunday and that'll be that. I actually spent the whole weekend with them. It was kind funny he gave me 3 options. I could meet them Saturday, I could meet them Sunday, or I could Come over Saturday and stay the night and have Christmas with them Sunday. Needless to say I was a little hesitant. That's definitely not something I would normally do. It's not in my personality. Remember the quite, shy girl  I told you about that is me. I think in order for me to break out of my bubble I need to do things that aren't in my nature so I ended up staying. We ended up watching movies and talking. That's it. :) That's all I needed. Sunday morning comes and I get up at 830am (Guys realize this I'm not a morning person especially on weekends.) I did sleep an hour later then him. Anyways, we watched his niece and nephew open presents. We enjoyed the day. We watched some movies. We watched his nephew play some video games. They played darts. We ate lunch, and by about 430pm or so we decided to take me home so we could go see my dad and step-mom for a while. Around 530 we went over my dads house and visited with them til about 730. I felt bad because Ryan was nervous. After we left there we went over some of Ryan's friends house, and saw some of them. Then it was time for home. :)

That was my Christmas weekend.


This was my surprise gift from Ryan for Christmas. Is it not beautiful? It's funny because when I opened it he told me why he picked it out. One of the times we went out together I think I had told him how it was hard for me to trust people, and open up because of everything that has gone on in my life from my mom leaving back when I was in MS to the most recent problems I've had. He said he hoped that I would be able to open my heart to him. Aww, how sweet is that? I'm such a sucker for that kind of thing. Then I also got some perfume and stuff from his mom. :)

This would be our first picture together. (His Chihuahua Ginger was with us. lol) His mom took this Saturday night. I hate my pictures taken, but apparently they love taken pictures so I was in a few. This is one that he gave me though. :)

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