Monday, September 12, 2011

The angel in Me

This is all me baby! My name is Ashley I'm a 25 year old from Central Texas who spends way to much time at used bookstores, spends to much money on those books, and not enough time reading them. I've recently become interested in writing a book. Yes, you heard right. I want to write a book. Problem. I can come of with partial story lines and characters, but never put it all together. This is a minor setback. Okay, so maybe it's a major one. One day though I will finish those half-started stories, and even though they may not get published the people who I want to read them and who matter will.

I enjoy talking to myself. Not like a crazy person or, anything although I've been known to at work. Anyways, I love Vlogging, and for those who don't know what that is. It's called googling. I have a few videos on youtube. Most of them are dealing with books so if you have no interest in books then I'm sure you won't find those to your liking

More will be add when my eyes are not falling asleep. :)

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