Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dress shopping so not my forte!

Dress Shopping sucks you guys! Seriously, I haven't worn a dress in I don't know how long, and to be honest I could care less. I'm not much of a dressy person like it is. I think I tried on maybe 4 or 5 dresses before I just picked one. My mom's having a small wedding so hints the reason for a dress. Did I mention I hate dress shopping it always makes me feel more insecure then I normally do. -sigh- I have the 3 pictures because my camera stopped working on me when I tried on the others. Stupid camera! (Don't ask why I had my camera with me. It was in my purse, and I thought why not take pictures.)

Purple and Simple but it didn't fit right. Did I mention I hate dress shopping?
Reject 1

Gray and frilly. My mom liked this one. Sadly, I don't like to many frills.
Reject 2

As you can tell the setting is different meaning this is the one I went with. It's black and gray with a flower on the sleeve area. It worked.

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