Friday, September 30, 2011

Once..Twice..Two times is enough

Today, is not a rant, or a bitchy post at all I promise. It's a happy post. I know totally not me right?

So today my mom had her wedding, and I was believe it or not very happy for her. She deserves happiness, and if this is how she gets it then I'm 100% supportive. Although, it was not a major wedding (and some people that should have been there weren't) It was good, and I think the people that matter most to the bride and groom were there. :)

So here are the pictures taken.

That is the extent of the picture taking I did
The people in the pictures are Tr (groom), Emily (bride my mom), The three guys are Tr and his brothers, Mom's Stepdad, Cousins, Uncle,  Cousins kids, Amy, (brides sister),

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